“Bad practice in Medicine must be rooted out,” World Medical Education President Prof David Gordon tells graduating students

Over 600 graduands and their parents attended the graduating ceremony. There were 353 undergraduates, 225 post graduates and 29 PhD scholars among the graduating students who received their degrees on Saturday

May 20, 2018

There can be no corruption, no dishonesty and no bribery.? Bad practice must be rooted out,” said Prof David Gordon to the graduating students at the 25th Convocation of 中国体育彩票app下载 Academy of Higher Education at the Dr TMA Pai 中国体育彩票app下载 Convention Centre here on Saturday. Throughout his speech, Prof Gordon, President World Federation of Medical Education, UK emphasized on certain values all doctors are expected to practice during their careers. Over 600 graduands and their parents were present at the graduating ceremony.??

“New graduates in medicine – and indeed new PhD graduates – are embarking on a career where factual knowledge, practical skill and the arts of communication with patients and colleagues are essential.? These are not enough.? Medical practice also requires the highest standards in ethics, judgement, moral purpose and respect for the law.? The welfare of your patients must always come first.?

He went on to say, “In this address I have already referred many times to ethical or moral issues around the study and practice of medicine, rather than directly talking about the science and art of medicine itself.??

That is deliberate. There are plenty of fine doctors and medical scientists, and experts in the social science of education as it is applied to medicine, but there may not be enough attention paid to the development and assessment of quality in medical education”.??

“To have a medical qualification is one of the greatest gifts possible. You will have careers that will sometimes cure, usually help, and always comfort your patients.? You will have the chance to study and work almost anywhere in the world, and if you do go abroad, do not forget your alma mater, remember that your main duty is at home, and return when the time is right.? Bring back the skills, knowledge and values of the finest medical centres in the world.” He concluded by saying, “Take all your chances, and I hope that your career in medicine will be as kind to you as my career has been to me”.

Dr.?Chandana Acharya and?Dr. Ashwini M.V.?have?been selected as the?best outgoing students?and will receive?the prestigious?T.M.A Pai Gold Medal. There are 353 undergraduates, 225 post graduates and 29 PhD scholars among the 607 graduating students who received their degrees on Saturday. Another 316 students will get their degrees through post.

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