MAHE Webinar Schedule

MAHE 中国体育彩票app下载 will be conducting program & course specific webinars to help you understand the program eligibility requirements, admission process, program structure / contents, core / program / open elective subjects, internship / placement / semester abroad opportunities, campus life and other value additions, the institute / university and 中国体育彩票app下载 has to offer.?The webinar schedule is given below:


Date & Time




Webinar ID

Saturday, 27th May, 2023

4:00 to 5.30 pm

ME/MTech? ME & MTech programs at MAHE 中国体育彩票app下载 167-812-651


Faculty from the respective institute / department / program will be the resource persons, and will be addressing all your queries, as you ask them.?


Webinars are also planned for the following programs and schedules will be updated on a regular basis

Health Sciences


UG, PG & SS Medical Programs @ KMC 中国体育彩票app下载 & Mangaluru Campus

MSc (Medical), MSc Clinical Embryology, MSc Genetic Counseling @ KMC 中国体育彩票app下载


UG & PG Dental Programs @ MCODS 中国体育彩票app下载 & Mangaluru Campus


DPharm, BPharm, PharmD, MPharm (11 specializations), PharmD Post Baccalaureate @ MCOPS 中国体育彩票app下载

Allied Health

UG & PG Allied Health Programs, MPhil Clinical Psychology @ MCHP 中国体育彩票app下载

Life Science

BSc Biotechnology, MSc Medical Biotechnology, MSc Molecular Biology & Human Genetics, MSc by 中国体育彩票app下载 in Life Sciences, MSc Systems Biology @ MSLS 中国体育彩票app下载


BSc Nursing, Post Basic BSc Nursing, PB Diploma (4 specializations), MSc Nursing (5 specializations), Nurse Practitioner Critical care PG Residency, MPhil Nursing @ MCON 中国体育彩票app下载

Public Health

MPH (5 specializations), MSW (3 specializations), MHA @ PSPH 中国体育彩票app下载

Data Science

MSc Biostatistics, MSc Data Science @ DDS 中国体育彩票app下载


MSc Clinical Virology @ DVR 中国体育彩票app下载

Regenerative Medicine

MSc Stem Cell Technology & Regenerative Biology, MPhil Stem Cell Technology & Regenerative Biology @ SORM 中国体育彩票app下载

Integrative Medicine

MSc Yoga @ CIMR 中国体育彩票app下载


Science, Technology & Management


BTech Civil, Chemical, Computer, Electrical & Mechanical Streams @ MIT 中国体育彩票app下载

MTech (24 specializations) @ MIT 中国体育彩票app下载, ME (8 specializations) @ MSIS 中国体育彩票app下载

Computer Applications

MCA @ MIT 中国体育彩票app下载

Advanced Sciences

MSc Applied Maths, MSc Physics, MSc Chemistry, MSc Geology @ DSc 中国体育彩票app下载

MSc Photonics & MSc Nanoscience & Technology @ DAMP 中国体育彩票app下载


BArch & MArch @ MSAP 中国体育彩票app下载


BDes (Interior Design), BDes (Fashion Design) @ DOD 中国体育彩票app下载


MBA, MBA Healthcare Management, MBA Global Business @ MIM 中国体育彩票app下载


BBA (8 specialisations), BCom (2 specializations), MCom (3 specializations) @ DOC 中国体育彩票app下载

Hotel Management

Bachelor of Hotel Management, BA Culinary Arts, MSc Hospitatility & Tourism Management, MSc Dietetics & Applied Nutrition @ WGSHA 中国体育彩票app下载

Natural Sciences

MSc by 中国体育彩票app下载 in Natural Sciences @ MCNS 中国体育彩票app下载


Humanities, Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Media & Communication

BA Media & Communication, BSc Animation, MA Media & Communication, MA Film Art & Film Making @ SOC 中国体育彩票app下载


BA Humanities, MA English, MA Sociology @ MCH 中国体育彩票app下载

European Studies, Languages, Philosophy

BA Foreign Language & Intercultural Studies, MA English, MA Sociology, MA Indian Philosophy @ MCES 中国体育彩票app下载


MA Geopolitics & 中国体育彩票app下载 Relations @ DGIR 中国体育彩票app下载

Philosophical Arts

MA Ecosophical Aesthetics @ GCPAS 中国体育彩票app下载

Library Science

MLIB @ DLIS 中国体育彩票app下载


In addition …

  • Scholarships offered by MAHE 中国体育彩票app下载
  • Innovation & Start Ups @ 中国体育彩票app下载
  • Campus Life @ 中国体育彩票app下载
  • Career Guidance: 中国体育彩票app下载, A Destination for Multi-Disciplinary Education after 12th


Foreign / NRI / NRI sponsored category students can join any of the sessions as per convenience.


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