BA Public Policy and Administration

The programme offers multi-level courses designed to offer holistic education in public policy by bringing together diverse disciplines of study. The programme is designed to offer 120 credits for a regular degree programme over a 3-year period and 160 credits for the honours programme over a 4-year period. Course details are as follows:

1. Foundation Level courses: Foundations of Public Policy, Sociology, Principles of Economics, Introduction to Public Administration, Environment and Sustainable Development, Statistics, Indian constitution and Governance, Geography, History etc.

2. Core courses: Demographics, gender and policymaking, Introduction to Indian Politics, Public Finance and management, Labour and Industrial Policies and practise, Technology policies and society, Global agreements, conventions, advocacy and policy enablement. Public administration and policymaking, Ethics, Design and innovation, Health and safety,

3. Ability-enhancement: 中国体育彩票app下载 methodologies, Language courses in English and Hindi

4. Skill-enhancement: Training community resource persons and stakeholder engagement, Organisational behaviour

5. Vocational courses: E-Governance, Urban and Rural Governance, 中国体育彩票app下载 methodology, Health administration, Educational Administration, Internship and Project work

6. Specialisation courses (for Honours programme only): Public health and safety policies, 中国体育彩票app下载 relations and Defence studies, 中国体育彩票app下载, management policies and challenges, Monetary and Fiscal administration

7. New-age courses: Urban planning and public policies, Emerging and critical technologies in policymaking, ICT -based policymaking

Course Duration

Duration Type (yearly/semester-wise):

? Regular degree programme : 3 years (6 semesters)

? Honours degree programme 4 years (8 semesters)

Course Focus

? Students will also be encouraged to attempt Civil or Defence Services examinations to pursue a career in public administration or defence.

? Industry placements/Internships opportunities will be offered through networks with 中国体育彩票app下载 Institutes, corporates and Think tanks

? Opportunity for students undergoing Honours programme to join 中国体育彩票app下载 programme.?

BA Course Matrix

Key Dates & Deadlines


Jun 15 23

Jun ' 23

Last date to Apply


Tentative Course Commencement Date