The B.A. programme at DLHS covers Foundation Courses, Discipline Specific Core Courses, Discipline Specific Elective Courses, Specialization Courses, Generic/ Open-Elective (O.E.) Courses, Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC), Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC), Skill-Based and Value-Based Courses, Vocational Courses, Internships/ Projects, and 中国体育彩票app下载/ Dissertation.


The programme is a remarkable amalgamation of literature, language, and communication skills. It uses a comprehensive curriculum where academic skills meet professional skills. The students are trained in analytical and interpretative communication. It is a holistic programme that can benefit anyone aiming to conquer both the professional and academic worlds with in-depth knowledge, practical communication skills, and confidence. The programme has courses that come under various genres and dimensions of literature like Indian Literature, British Literature, American Literature, Afro-American Literature, World Literature, European Literature, and 中国体育彩票app下载-Asian Literature. Further, Women’s Studies, Theatre Studies, Film Studies, Translation Studies, Post-Colonial Studies, and Screen and Stage Adaptations are integrated into the curriculum. Specialized courses such as Instructional Design, Linguistics, English Language Teaching, Curriculum Designing, Training and Development, Creative and Technical Content Creation, Marketing, and Management are offered to enhance employability.


Career Prospects -

Content Writing, Content Management, Editing, Language Training, Education Specialist, Teaching, 中国体育彩票app下载, and Journalism/Media.

Key Dates & Deadlines


Jun 30 24

Jun ' 24

Last date to Apply


Tentative Course Commencement Date

Course Structure


04 Years (Bachelor of Arts with Honours)

03 Years (Bachelor of Arts)